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  • Charlotte Drew

COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 has affected us all and we have put some guidelines in place to help keep everyone safe on walks. These guidelines have been updated constantly to match government advice and we encourage all our members to read through and keep them in mind.

We believe that it's important for our mental and physical health to keep getting out there and walking with others as far as we possibly can under current guidance. We have certainly had to reduce the number of walks we have on offer, as well as the number of people on each walk, but are encouraging our members to use the group to find other local hiking partners or to create small groups to explore with.

If you are planning on going out, please be mindful of current government guidelines around social distancing. For our purposes that means:

  • groups of no more than 6 people

  • stay two metres apart from others not in your household throughout the walk

  • Wales has imposed restrictions on many areas - check before you go.

  • you should stay home if you have any of the coronavirus symptoms (see official guidelines here)

To maintain the above we'd also add:

  • do not car share with others from outside your household

  • do not share snacks, drinks etc. Take everything you need with you, including food, drink, a mask (does not need to be worn outdoors but you might like to) and some way to wash your hands

  • please be mindful of local communities where you walk, including in rural locations

  • try to avoid touching surfaces where possible and wash your hands before putting them near your face

  • be mindful of other people sharing the path with you, give them plenty of space

  • try to pick routes where it's easier to social distance (wide open spaces, try to avoid busy places at peak times - our members can recommend routes)

Please message us if you have any questions

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