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  • Becky Maund

November Featured Member: Becky

Hey Becky! Tell us a little about yourself...

Hi! I'm Becky, I've lived in Bristol now for 7 years after moving from Hampshire. I'm a Software Support Engineer during the week which usually involves traipsing through a lot of code & using my brain a little! On weekends I love switching off & escaping out for long walks with my 3 year old Cockapoo, Dexter. I also run a hand embroidery Etsy Store, binge a lot of Netflix series, read a lot of comic books, and I'm learning to play the piano again.

Why Did you join Bristol Girl Hikers?

I originally moved to Bristol for a previous relationship, after that broke down I found myself feeling a little lost in the city & started exploring ways to meet new people with similar hobbies. I think a friend recommended Bristol Girl Hikers to me so I thought I'd give it a go!

Did you have any walking / hiking experience prior to joining the group?

I used to loathe walking. Sunday afternoons growing up would consist of a humungous roast dinner followed by the inevitable exclamation from my Mum "Let's go for a walk!" within a split second of mopping up the last of my gravy. However something changed. Maybe as we get older we begin to appreciate the simpler things in life! 5 years ago my Dad invited me to hike up Snowdon with him. With no previous hiking experience, but a newly discovered insatiable hunger for a challenge, I threw myself in the deep end and donned my jeans (wow this was a TERRIBLE idea) & waterproof in March '15 to head up Snowdon in -13 degrees, wind, rain & snow. Despite the fairly torrential conditions for a first hike, I discovered a new love for being outdoors. I've since completed the 3 peaks with Scafell Pike & Ben Nevis, stomped around Dartmoor, the Lake District, Peak District, Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia to name a few, as well as some European places such as Slovenia & Switzerland! I try to get out every weekend if I can!

How has the group benefited you?

The group has been such a blessing for me given my circumstances when I joined. I've met a huge amount of such lovely people, all with a love for being outdoors in common. Everyone that's joined one of my walks, or I've met on an organised walk, have been so friendly and easy to talk to. I've gone from feeling quite alone in a big ol' city to knowing that there's actually quite a few women in similar positions looking to make new friends, & it's been really lovely having some company on my weekend dog walks!

Do you have a favourite walk you've joined with BSGH so far?

I think my favourite has to be my first walk with Bristol Girl Hikers, which was actually a long weekend away in Dartmoor I organised for 12 group members. We stayed in a bunkhouse in Princetown & completed a 22km hike around the moors on Saturday before heading to the local pub for a huge dinner in the evening! I have a strange fascination with Dartmoor & it keeps pulling me back for more - & this weekend was particularly awesome and such a great entrance to the group!

What advice can you offer someone looking to join their first BSGH walk?

I was definitely a bit nervous throwing myself into a group of strangers on my first walk (being someone that suffers with quite high functioning anxiety & social awkwardness!), but honestly I really had nothing to worry about! If you're looking to meet some new people & make some new friends into hiking & other outdoorsy activities then 100% join us! Even if you don't have any experience, the group is really welcome & we cater for all abilities.

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